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 440 glitter tattoo stencils, six 10ml body glue applicators, sweeper brushes, detailed instructions, and 20 one-half-ounce bottles of cosmetic grade glitter (two sets of the 10 most requested colors) Over the years we have been responsible for the setup and training of numerous school glitter tattoo events - this is our go-to kit. We have found that these stencil designs are not only the most kid-requested but are also quick to put on and easy to teach volunteers. The kit is set up with everything you will need for 4-6 volunteers. Each pair of volunteers will have their own glue but will share the sets of glitter Do you want to customize the kit? no problem, just let us know what your event is and we can work to change the designs and or the glitters to suit your event. also, this kit could be customized to be a great beginning professional kit The kit ships in a medium-sized priority mail box and has a shipping charge of $13.00 due to its weight and size

Large Fundraising or Large Event Kit - 440 stencils

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