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Deluxe Glitter Tattoo Party Kit -Glitter tattoos are FUN and with just a small amount of practice parents and children can apply these at parties.
  The moms on staff here at Maybel's Glitter Tattoo Supplies are all glitter artists and they have put together a kit for all you parents looking for kids party entertainment. All items in this kit are full professional sized- these are the same large sizes that we carry in our own kits -no misleading mini sized items
  The kit includes:
(10) one-half ounce bottles of cosmetic glitters (Black, Red, Aqua, Fuchsia Pink, Emerald Green, Gold, Silver, Purple, Our moms know that poofer bottles of glitter are best for children, the small "jars/pots" of glitters in other kits are not enough glitter, the glitter gets stuck in the ridges of the jar lids making the lids not go on correctly- they spill easily, and are difficult to handle. Poofer bottles don't spill and they hold easily enough glitter to last several parties. One of our poofer bottles has 3 to 5 times more glitter than most "pots" of glitter found in other kits.
  (2) 10ml tubes of body glue - enough glue to last a couple parties and you can have two children applying tattoos at the same time
220 medium sized stencils , plenty for all the children and a few extra to practice with , 3 part vinyl one time use stencils-not re-useable, We make our stencils as large as possible yet small enough to fit on children's arms - if you are expecting preschool age children at your party please contact us so that we may include extra of the "mini" tiny stencils for their small arms.

Shipping :  This kit ships by priority mail from the Los Angeles area
  Looking for a beginner professional or fundraising kit? let us know and we can custom this party kit to a professional kit

Large Glitter Tattoo Party Kit- 200 stencils -

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